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Oamishirasato-machi Water Seal Gas Holder New Building

Oamishirasato-machi Water Seal Gas Holder New Building
March, 2005 Completion
Capacity of tank 2,00m3
Structural material for tank Steel Plate
Coating method of tank Bonnflon #2000

Shirako-machi Warehouse Extension Building

Shirako-machi Warehouse Extension Building
May, 2003 Completion
The floor space 1,326 square meters
Structural material for Warehouse Flat house of steel-frame

Ichihara-shi, Chiba Chemical Factory

Ichihara-shi, Chiba Chemical factory
Reaction layer thermal insulation construction
December, 2000 completion
Dry bit system specification 214.09sq m
Dry bit system
EPS-4 No., 50 mm
(MAX75 ℃ guarantee)
Genesys finish : 54.72sq m
Tank work (access) temperature ≒60 ℃
With no performance decrement accompanying water absorption of thermal insulation!!
High temperature specification and finish processing also correspond

Chosei-gun, Chiba Chemical Corporation Office

Chosei-gun, Chiba Chemical corporation Office
September, 2000 Completion
Outer wall repair 2 stories of reinforced concrete construction
Hagaremasen-nen style Freestyle Trowels unevenness finish
: 328sq m
10 years or more of no maintenance is realized!!