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Corporate Philosophy

It is said that people of priglims prostrate theirselves while make priglimage around this sacred mountain (Elevation around 5,000m).

It is the last destination for priglims and is the world of the far-off heavens distantly.

According to Samsara of Tibetan Buddhist doctrine, It is said that the human being transmigrate in the world of humans while being reborn.
In addition, both the earth and the space turn round while charge beyond the space with the tremendous speed.

We don't know the far future of the earth. However, I hope that all living things abandon hatred and violence and help each other and live together even for a short while.

We are travelers in the same boat who go toward the boundless road. sign

President and CEO
Akihiro Yasukawa


Mount Kailash: Elevation 6656m
This mountain is located at the deepest part of Tibet and the most important mountain in the other sacred mountains for some worshippers. In addition, It is said that this mountain rises to the heavens and is the center of the earth.